The time for the government taking care of us is over, and that's a good thing.

When I was a kid my parents would always push me to take care of my challenges, and it was a not too long ago when kids like me were taught to be resilient, stand up for themselves, invent toys from rocks and sticks, and overall were not allowed to complain about much. When my mother made dinner, you ate what she made. There was no discussion about not liking it, or whining about why you won't eat it. If you did not eat the meal prepared, you did not eat that night, or you made something else yourself.

As I grew up my parents were still there with advice, support, and love, but if I had some critical issue in which I started to complain, my father would only say, "sounds like life, get over it and make something happen." Admittedly I hated that advice because it meant more work for me and a sense of me solving my problems. In the end, all this problem solving made me a better person because today I have a great sense of tackling large issues without complaining.

Today our country is in a mess of self-importance, entitlement, and gross levels of complaining that pervades every part of our government. Instead of working together to solve common goals we are fighting, whining, and overall have lost our sense of managing any crisis with grace and dignity. Instead of holding ourselves accountable to who we vote into office, we complain after the fact and protest uselessly to the deaf ears in Washington. All of this has put our culture into a scary place where we expect the government to solve everything, and we take responsibility for nothing. We do this so much that we even give away our freedom to achieve it. I think this era must end and it must end fast if we are to grow, thrive, and become the nation we all tell ourselves we aspire to become.

Let's get something off our chests; we are all fed up with the government paradigm as it exists to. The useless spending, the overreach around war, the pointless debates about identity politics all do nothing to put more money in our pockets or build up our communities. We allow country club federal Democrats and Republicans to make their backroom deals which do nothing to help us, while they convince us to either be dependant on the government or to hate "the other guy" across the aisle. Meanwhile, most Americans are ready for this to stop and we are a huge majority. In my district alone, CD2 here in Colorado, the largest group of voters are the Independents/Libertarians and Centrist leaning Democrats and Republicans who are ready to vote for a candidate and not the party. We have reached what I think is a critical point in America where the "government takes care of me" mentality is dying and hopefully just in time.

If we don't start to embrace the idea that we alone are responsible for our happiness, our thriving and our future, we will lose all that makes our nation great. News flash for all, the government is not here to provide you everything you need in life. Even our Declaration of Independence stated, "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" It did not say, "The government will provide you with money, food, shelter, healthcare, and anything you need." We are not living with mommy and daddy anymore, and it's time for the United States to grow up into a society of mature individuals who take ownership over their own lives. I see what is coming, the current paradigm of "take care of me" is dying and we should embrace the fact that we are a resilient nation of people who came here to pursue happiness. We are all here to become something better than we were yesterday, not to succumb to a socialist nanny state of whiny children. It's time for us to grow up. As I continue to campaign I will also seek to empower the nation, our young people and all who seek to thrive in our great nation. People like you.

Todd Mitchem

Candidate for US House of Representatives CD2 Colorado, Author, Senior Government Affairs & Community Relations Liaison, Dad and devoted Husband

Todd Mitchem